1957 Johnson Golden Javelin 35

This site is intended as a resource for Johnson Javelin owners and restorers.

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9-6-2006: new web address www.javelin1957.com

5-6-2006: I have gotten positive feedback about JP Chrome Plating.

2-6-2006: Peter McDowell has hood bumpers and other rubber parts.Peter McDowell

6-5-2005: Word has it that Nu-Chrome's prices have gone up to $650 for faceplate and sides. Any other sources, please email me?.Stan

5-11-2005: White cowl gasket material is now available from Peter McDowell.

2-16-2004: Expanded the restoration section with more plating results.

11-21-2003: I have had RDE-19 and RJE-18 owners request inclusion. I have added addition info and welcome our siblings.

11-25-2003: Web site reformated with frames for navigation bar on the left.

7-12-2004: Removed link to Three Rivers Gold Plating. They appear to be out of business.

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